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Rexulti For Obsessions?

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Hello All.

So my pdoc put me started me on Rexulti,0.5mg a week ago because my intrusive thoughts and obsessions have become absolutely maddening.

i have refractory OCD and it has been frustrating years searching for the right med.

i know that Rexulti works on dopamine and serotonin so it makes sense to me why he wanted me to try it.

i am also struggling with anorexia again and dopamine and serotonin are implicated in eating disorders.And of course many of my obsessions are around eating,weight,and food.

So,wondering if anybody has tried Rexulti for OCD?

Nervous about this med.

i become suicidal on SSRI's & SNRI's.Although i know that Rexulti is an atypical antipyschotic,the risk is still there so i must pay attention to that.

Also worried about metabolic issues and weight gain.


Any insight welcome.

Desperate for a clear head.



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