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Without exercise zero energy

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I've had meds reduce, increase, or not affect my energy levels, depending on the med - all while having different effects on my depression, cognition, and sleep.

Ideally your meds should be lifting you from your depression as well as increasing your energy (or at least not giving you less energy), and if that's not happening, for my part I would keep trying different meds/combinations.


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My antidepressant meds lift the worst bits of my depression & anxiety, but yes, most leave me apathetic, flat with no energy.... I've had some meds that increased my physical energy (like restless legs) yet I'll still be depressed mentally, or out of synch with no mental energy. That is a very strange feeling...when severe it's like akasthia, physically restless, agitated, and not pleasant.

Usually it's only stimulants that have increased both mental & physical energy at the same time.

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