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where has my patience gone?

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Okay, so I cannot stand to wait on something anymore.  Like dinner, like when someone is making a decision about their next move in a game, waiting for someone who says hold on.  Just waiting.  I feel like I constantly need movement.  I can, however, sit and watch tv for hours or read a book.  But, other than that, I am agitated? 

Anxiety?  Just being bp?  Being out of balance in general?

Agh!  Just thought I would share this with you because I am waiting for dinner right now.

Thank you!

Have a sunshiney day!


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For me, waiting is about control. I can sit and read because I control it. Waiting is giving up control. As people with BP, we feel the need to reign ourselves in and control our moods. We also tend to be less than patient with ourselves and others, just by nature of our disorder.

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