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Bizzare thoughts in OCD

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Hi folks,

Diagnosed with OCPD and Also OCD..I believe I have OCD with Traits of OCPD as my main issue is more intrusive thoughts etc Anyhow..

Going back over the years my thoughts with regards OCD have all had a Bizzre/Paranoid content with them a few examples include (when i first got quite ill many many years ago) been afraid to touch electrical items/Cds as feared electricity could seep into my bloodstream and cause a chemical imbalance in my brain and thus make me Psychotic...Had this with static Electric from the TV also...Feared leaving any cups of tea or drink un attended as fears of ghosts getting into them and then into me...Fears of going Schizophrenic ..Fears of walking on grass over fears of stepping onto magic mushrooms and thus getting in my bloodstream and causing a chemical imbalance etc and a personal favourite that raised a drs Eyebrow...Feared Combusting in the bath !! (yeh crazy i know) When asked how this could be possible i gave this theory that doesnt make sense about cold atoms from the air colliding with hot atoms of the water creating a reaction in me and thus causing my atoms to collide and then causing me to combust !! I have to laugh at myself sometimes (In a good way)..The Dr just looked at me and said "I dont think thats Possible" lol A lot of these types of thoughts go back years and i dont really have "Those " ones now and of course over the years i've had checking compulsions/Washing and all the what would be called "Typical" ocd behaviours...Just wondering if anyone else has had bizzare Content within there ocd ?? I've met loads of people with OCD either Via group Therapy or real life OCD groups and i've yet to meet anyone who had bizzare/paranoid content..Most were of what would be described Typical OCD..Handwashers/Checkers etc....Anyone out there relate?? I'm new to this board....Thanks Jamie

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I can definitely relate. I do exhibit psychotic symptoms when profoundly depressed though. I can't really think of any odd/delusional content that are involved in my obsessions off the top of my head, if I do, I'll PM you or something. Just know that it does happen, and there is a connection between OCD and delusion, possibly a continuum between the two that depends on insight. I provided a link that discusses that a bit in the abstract (not the whole article unfortunately) in your other thread where you posted about this.

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