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So my job hasn't mandated the 14-day isolation from the day we left the office.  That said, I work in a big office and it seems like it might be a good idea. 

My last day was yesterday morning.  However I had to go out today to get  new precsription and it was mandatory because it was new 

So does that  break my self-imposed social isolation?

And how do I know that I'm supposed to be doing this to begin with?  I have a grocery delivery on Sunday that I can't delay.  So does that mean that it's 14 days from Sunday?

Gasically...am I supposed to do it?  What is it supposed to look like?

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14-day isolation is important if you think you've been exposed to the virus and could be a carrier. You would do this to protect other people from coming into contact with you. In the case of going to the pharmacy, that would break the isolation, but receiving a grocery delivery would not, as long as you don't have contact with the person delivering the groceries.

So - are you supposed to be isolating yourself? Probably not, unless someone at your job is known to have been infected. If you were isolating, it would be to keep other people from coming into contact with you.

In general it's just important right now to minimize close contact with others. When I'm out, I use hand sanitizer before and after touching a surface (like a door handle) - before to protect people from me, and after to protect me from them. Because who knows who's a carrier? We aren't doing mass testing in the US; we have no idea. When I get deliveries, I bring in the box and wash my hands, leave it for a day (the virus might be able to survive for a day on cardboard), and then open it. Any virus that was inside the box would be dead at that point too (can stay active up to three days on plastic, for example). For grocery deliveries, I would have the person delivering leave them outside, and then I would put them away and wash my hands right afterwards. Leave anything you can leave alone for three days, otherwise wipe it down with alcohol or wash with soap, and then wash your hands again.

Hope this helps.

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