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Locked pill dispenser

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I am thinking of buying a locked pill dispenser. I know @mikl_pls just bought one (and I don’t remember the brand you got, sorry!).

Any help? 

I’m looking at this affordable one. Ezy Dose Automatic Smart Pill and Vitamin Organizer. $40. Anyone know anything about this one? Looks decent. I don’t know. 

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Well to update I bought one. It was more expensive than the original one I was looking at, but had better reviews. Husband said he could just hide my other meds, but I fear I would go looking for them and find them. This way he can hide the key to the pill dispenser easier than a bulk of meds. So. It’s coming on Thursday and I get my monthly supply on Wednesday. Here’s hoping it comes a day early!

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1 hour ago, saintalto said:

I’m glad you are locking up your pills. Do you think you can make it the one day you are home with them without the locked dispenser? Maybe you could give them to your parents to hold at their house until the dispenser comes. 

That’s a good idea. Thanks saint. ❤️

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