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guilty!? am I?


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I've taken today off work sick. I felt really dizzy and sick this morning, so called in sick and went straight back to bed. I slept until 2.30 (it is now 3pm) and still feel dizzy and shaky and will be going back to bed to lie down and maybe sleep as soon as I've finished here.

I run a children's reading support group on Tuesday afternoons...when I left my message at work this morning I said I'd call later to say whether I'd be able to come in later and do it...I just phoned to say that I'm still not feeling good, so won't be.

The colleague I spoke to sounded annoyed. A bit. And I feel guilty. Am I wrong? I am totally exhausted with all that's going on...and to sleep most of the night and then nearly all day too surely shows something is up...and feeling dizzy....not only am I in the last stage of efexor tapering off...I'm recovering from a cold...and from shock etc with what I've been working on in therapy.

And yet I still feel guilty. I don't know what's right and wrong...when I am *sick enough* to take time off sick....(hell, they're still figuring out whether depression counts as sick leave or holiday leave, it seems....but...today it *is* really physical...and my body (and mind) are exhausted and had to stop or I could have crumbled....

I don't know....am I 'guilty'?

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Naww, I don't think so. Your intentions were good, but you probably should have told them in the morning that you couldn't make it in the afternoon, so they'd have more time to set up someone else, or call the kids and let them know the group can't meet today.

I take sick days like this one fairly often, by the way. I find that when I'm really low, it makes more sense to take a day off and get back on my feet.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Nah, don't feel guilty. You're allotted sick days, use them when you need to. If your employers are aggrivated or bothered by it, Too bad to them. Their emotions are not your responsibility, getting better is.

I feel you though. It use to eat me up inside whenever I had to call in sick. I felt guilty and would apologize my ass off upon returning. Not anymore. I'm sick, I need the day off, I'll be back tomorrow, The End. It's just a hassle to your employers, which bothers them and they tend to take it out on you. Don't let them. Stand up for yourself!


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thank you.

I spent the rest of tha afternoon asleep too.....and didn't wake up until 6!

Then I checked my mobile and had 2 messages from work! They hadn't picked up the message I left until mid morning! and so they were worried etc! I phoned again to clarify....and it seems all's ok.

I'm so wiped out with what must be the efexor withdrawal...my body just said 'no' and wiped out on me....

I have only had about 4 days off sick in the past 3 years anyway....

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