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Greetings from England Folks,

Hope everyone is keeping safe during these troubling times

I'm currently perscribed 5mg Abilify to take alongside 30mg mirtazapine...I have a fear of medication..I've done a Topic about it Called "Pharmacophobia"..Its a really irrational fear of medication...In my case antipsychotic medication...I've heard a lot of people say Abilify is very stimulating..Is it stimulating to the point of anxiety or stimulating as in Feeling confident,Motivated etc..When i think of stimulating i think of things like amphetamines etc..I remember been on clomipramine some years ago and once got hypomania from it which i didnt like..Felt good at first but then turned into panic...Maybe this fear has come from there? Prozac gave me anxiety and a general nervous energy..Is abilify like that??? My depression tends to be more on the anxious/irritated side..The last thing i want is something that will aggrivate that..My nxt appointment with PDoc is 16th of april..I think he wants me to trial this med before looking at other avenues..This is a New Pdoc..So has anyone got any positive stories about abilify?? A lot of what i read is horror stories how it turned them into gamblers,Nervous wrecks..Almost like the medication induced mental illness!! Of course my OCD picks up on this and makes things worse..I know that the only way to know is to take it but please bear with me here ..This fear is genuine....Its not just a slight bit of nerves or apprehension...Its a full on blanket of fear almost to the point of terror when i'm faced with taking them..Anyone whos used to high anxiety attacks its just like that feeling...Ultimatly this does come down to me but i'm using this as a safe space to vent my frustrations (With myself) with like minded people and to gain some insight which may hopefully help me in taking them...Many Thanks and Keep Safe folks Jamie

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