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How's Everyone Coping With Social Distancing?

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well, we are at a level rate of new infection which is not great

California, which we are near, has an increasing rate and their Governor 

has pulled by the reins and reinstated Phase 1 restrictions on business.

So all those small business will have to close again.

That is very difficult and expensive for them.

I am doing ok.

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I was doing better for a couple days cuz I was doing a lot of meditating, but I'm starting to get wound up again. Nobody knows when this is going to end and it's like I can't make any plans further th

not a fan of pandemics, so far   1 star, would not recommend   disrupts everthing

Not doing so good. Very lonely and depressed. Very.

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I was a homebody before so the change is not dramatic.Mainly a change over to using delivery. Food shopping was a little hard at first but once I had done it a few times I just pull up my previous orders and check off what I need.

I have problems with my roommate bringing people over and not wearing masks. I am afraid I will have to evict him. 

I have one friend who comes over, both me and my roommate know him and are comfortable with him. He is very strict with the COVAD rules. I trust him to be so.

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