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I can't find a lot of stuff out there on this.  We have some CBD capsules here (long story; Toby was trying them for sleep - nothing helps that guy sleep).

I have akathisia on zyprexa, it's worse at bedtime.  I don't know if it stops me from sleeping or just that I find zyprexa slightly activating, but I'm having to take ativan to help with the akathisia and sleep.  

I don't think long-term benzo use is healthy.  

Does anyone have any knowledge about taking CBD to help with akathisia?  I have an e-appointment with my pdoc April 8th so will also talk to him about that then.

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Update:  took a capsule last night (it's got THC/CBD) instead of ativan (the capsules are expired, but deets) and while it didn't totally rid the akathisia it reduced it considerably.  I still had trouble sleeping but I don't know if that's the zyprexa or what.  I WAS able to wake up this morning and went for a run at lunch instead of napping.  

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