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My dog is making friends

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6 minutes ago, Gearhead said:

She’s getting a lot of very long walks, and since she can pull five feet away from me, and so can most other dogs, I’ve been living vicariously through her.

And there was that day we went to the beach...


OMG the cuteness though! Look at all the puppy paw prints in the sand too! What a doll! How cute is that pup! Thanks for sharing gear. ❤️

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is that one of those nose harness things for dogs that pull? buppy's got one too. it's the only way to walk her without dislocating your shoulder.

we've still been going to the dog park. i stay away from the people and i don't pet the other dogs anymore, though. it takes a lot of will power not to.

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I have a 10 month old German shepherd who has decided he is a big boy now and needs to protect the family.  So he barks at everyone that comes within about 8 feet of me.  It's worse if my daughter is with, then he barks at anyone within a quarter mile.  He's like a mascot for social distancing.

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