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I would have said displaying their plumage, but ok.

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6 hours ago, Cerberus said:

Um... Chem? You actually are a scientist, so...?

I steal memes... I make no claims that they apply to me, lol

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1 hour ago, Complicated toad said:

I hope this doesn't offend anyone.  But it's been in my head because it is true, particularly if you live like me in one of a number of U.S. cities.  Societal changes are needed but we all also have a lot going on in a short amount of time.


Nah, Armageddon happened when the Mayan calendar flipped over, but it didn't take. This is all just bad luck we've brought down on our own heads.

And Trump. He's a shit magnet.


That probably offended someone. Apparently it's what I do. 😑


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3 hours ago, Cerberus said:

Gears! SH! You'll have everyone self-medicating with bacon.

Better to self medicate with bacon than hydroxychloroquine 

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