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The New Normal??...Rant and Bad Anxiety over Changing How I Do Things

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I don't do much in the outside world, but I have friends, and my son and daughter, who help me with necessities....I'm having really severe anxiety over having to change the way I (we) do things when we go out.

For instance, now my friend who drives me around has to go through the drive through to get my money at the bank every month, instead of me going inside to withdraw my cash, like I'm used to doing.

I'm also used to paying for everything with cash, and I don't have a credit or debit card......Now I'm going to have to get a pre-paid credit card to pay for certain bills, because a couple of things I would normally pay with cash aren't accepting cash anymore because of the coronavirus.....I don't  know why this scares me so much--I just don't like credit cards, never have....This is causing SO much panic.....I wonder what it's called to be afraid of credit cards.....**SIGH**

My therapist called yesterday and I'm going to have to do a phone appt with her next time....I really hate that I'm going to have to do that....I just hate change, any kind of change....I have my pdoc appt in April, and so far they haven't made any changes to that...As far as I know I'm still having an in person appt. with pdoc, but who knows?, that might change, too.

My hair stylist has had to close her shop, due to state governor's order, because of this stupid virus....My friend usually drives me to get hair fixed every month....I can't go without getting my hair done for months, it would be a mess.......Being worried about my hair seems trivial when people are dying, but I can't help it.....I suppose I might just let it grow....

What other changes might come around?....I'm terrified.....My friend gets my groceries, and she knows what I like, but I'm switching to frozen fruit and veggies, because I'm scared of eating fresh produce now...What if a sick person has coughed on it or touched it?

I'm so tired of seeing Trump on the TV....I want to keep up on what's going on, but I'm just tired of him......What if we can't have a presidential election because of this COVID-19 ?......I hope that wouldn't mean Trump would just stay in office...UGGHH....Maybe there would be a way to have an election with mail-in ballots?...I hope so.

I'm so ashamed of freaking out like this, but anxiety is just getting worse and worse.

To top it all off, my sleep is messed up a bit.....I can usually stay asleep once I've fallen asleep, but falling asleep is very difficult.....I plan to tell pdoc about all this, but don't know what she can do.

Anyway.....So sorry for ranting....just had to get it out.......☹️

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I'm struggling with similar things. Much of my life is similar during social distancing, but even though most of the changes are small, there are a lot of them. I find change stressful. I wish I didn't, but I do. So many changes at once, even though they are mostly small, is disorienting as well. I'm telling myself that this will get easier over time as the new systems become familiar. I'm trying to be gentle with myself during the transition. I hope things will get easier for you, too

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