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what are you doing while in isolation?

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it's weird not having the option to go anywhere (besides going to walk the dog). being in my house for so long without the option to go sit in a cafe or window-shop or see friends has me picking up activities that i normally feel i don't have time for. here are some things i've done lately:

  • worked on a friendship bracelet i started last summer
  • shelled hazelnuts and walnuts that we collected last year
  • made dalgona coffee -- link goes to the recipe i used. delicious and fun to make, but i'm going to add more sugar next time as i like my iced coffee sweeter
  • a small sewing project i'd been meaning to get to
  • rewatching star trek: the next generation. i don't usually watch any shows.

i'm currently making buns. the dough is rising right now.

what have you been doing to keep busy while housebound?

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I'm working remotely, so I only have a bit more free time than before. A lot of things are still similar for me, but they feel very different.

I've been trying to find relevant replacements for the structure and the activities that have stopped. Things like yoga, walks, and video calls are pretty common.

My household started some organizing projects a few months ago. Now that we're home all the time those are getting a lot of attention. I've had to try to pace myself, because I was going overboard at first.

I'd like to cook more, but don't have the particular ingredients for the things I want to try. I might be able to get them in a while.

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When I have time, I turn to YouTube. I discovered Pluto Living (a talking dog), and have watched a few very entertaining videos on what to do when you run out of TP—spray bottles, reusable rags, etc—plus other equally topics that appear to interest many. Of course, I’m still working, and still avoiding cleaning and cooking. Guess I’m good at doing mindless things. 

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i finished the friendship bracelet yesterday and made a paracord bracelet today. my mom has a stash of paracord that she picked up ages ago. she likes hoarding craft materials. considering making a paracord dog leash next. this need to make things with my hands has bubbled up out of nowhere. 

i shared a pic of the friendship bracelet on instagram and got a concerned message from someone i used to know asking about the old self-harm marks on my wrist. sigh. 

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My boss told me that our hours were going to be severely cut due to budget restraints, which makes sense, because the work is dependent on traffic volume being there.  I have been being a blob and giving in to my internet addiction.  It is interesting to watch youtube videos of people that I already watched do things doing things in isolation.  I want to cut down on doing random crap online, though, and I want to finish out my remaining classes more gracefully.  I want to clean the apartment super well after that.  We are not living there right now, but nobody is, so it should be safe, and we can set out on a huge cleaning project on it when it is done.  We have been planning it for ages and it needs it really bad.  

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i made gnocchi from scratch yesterday. and i've been replaying a really old video game i liked a lot as a kid. it's a lot easier as an adult.

i really need to clean my bathroom, but ughhhhhh i just do not want to at all. 

some days i get a lot done, some days i browse the web and nap. it's okay. it's ebb and flow.

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I'm teleworking 8-4:30ish M-F.  That's flexible now.  They used to have core hours where you had to be working (9-3 M-F) and that you could then adjust your schedule around.  For the duration of the pandemic, they're just saying "get your hours in."  Which I appreciate.

Not commuting does give me more time, though.  I don't do much with it.  I aim to read or color, but I don't do a very good job of either.  I've been doing an okay job of getting a walk in.  It's humorous because there's nearly always someone from my neighborhood out and we nearly always pick paths that would bump into each other.  So with the social distancing thing, one of us picks a different path.  And then we both smile. 

I watch the local (6-7) and national (7-7:30) news each night.  I frequently just crash after that. I recognize it's early, but my brain is tired. 

Weekends I still haven't figured out what to do with.

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thanks @echolocation.  It definitely has challenges and you've named the main one--my laptop is right in the other room and I could very easily just pick it up and work.

I think honestly that I could get used to it though (not that I'll have a choice...my ex who's a medic has been told to expect the rush for 6-8 weeks).  I may voluntarily choose to do it once  allowed.  A big thing is that I wake up 15 minutes before 8 and start my work day at 8...as opposed to having to get up at 6.  I used up a lot of leave not getting up in time before.  To the point that my supervisor told me to feel free to make it up, just don't take advantage of it (when she heard I had a chronic condition that was impacting things).

It also gives e some flexibility on how I spend those hours.  I can take a 15 minute bath and tack 15 minutes on to the end of the day, for example.

But yes, very hard to create the work/life situation.  And I can see that as impacting my mental tiredness level.

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  • Zazen (meditation)
  • Watch something cheesy and B-rated so at least I can laugh for a few hours
  • Listen to 80s one hit wonders
  • Try to cook at least one meal a day
  • When I can't take the boredom or frustration of being indoors. I suit up. I wash my hands, put rubber gloves on, and my mask and order a venti Iced Green Tea matcha latte (my new obsession).
  • Walk the Dogs
  • Read 
  • -If I'm not too paranoid, grocery store shopping (it's hard to gauge reality because the media over hypes things too)
  • Treat myself to a Root Beer before bed
  • Appreciate that I am alive 
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