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Can you become used to a (PRN) AAP's effects?

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I have zyprexa zydis as a PRN and it's been really helping me during this time.

I am worried that my body will just keep getting used to the (PRN) dose or any dose though, sort of like how some people can become accustomed to and stop feeling any helpful effects from a benzo med? Is there truth to this? What's the right thing to do here?

I didn't take any PRN zyprexa today and I feel rotten with more voices and evil messages from the universe and agitation from that and anxiety too. To make matters worse I'm being recorded by the cameras in our kitchen Bluetooth speaker right now. Freaking weirds me out!!!!! I can't deal right now 

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If you're taking it PRN it is unlikely you will get tolerant to it. Tolerance is not a big issue with antipsychotics, you can't compare to benzos. However I have been on Klonopin for decades without hitting tolerance.  

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