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    • By Lms-Kaz
      Ok.. So, we all know there is no creative type of mind that compares to those of us fighting our way through the colossal lemons life often throws our way. 
      So here's our chance to collectively hone that gift and make some delicious lemonade to share for those who may need a laugh today.
      Jeff Foxworthy made his name with one simple line.. "You might be a redneck if.." 
      Let's modify that.
      You might be mentally ill if..
      Here are the only rules. Have fun. Be respectful. Enjoy.
      I will start with a couple to set the mood.
    • By LikeMinded
      Like the rest of y'all, I've had to suffer through AD/HD probably since at least the age of 5.
      But there can be a humorous side to it, I hope.  I wrote this parody of a recent hit song and hope nobody gets offended.
    • By malibustacy
      I love comedian Maria Bamford. Some depression-related quotes from her:
      "If you stay alive for no reason at all, please do it for spite." 
      "I've never really thought of myself as depressed so much as I am paralyzed by hope." The Now Show (2006)
      "My therapist says I'm afraid of success. I guess I could understand that, because after all, fulfilling my potential would REALLY cut into my sitting-around time..."
      James Fritz: "At 32 I really shouldn't feel THIS proud of myself for doing laundry and making it to a movie on time. All in one day!"
      Patton Oswalt: "A month with no Prozac: my depression was like a happy puppy running through my body… 'PUT ON YOUR BATHROBE FOR 8 DAYS STRAIGHT!' Ok, depression. I know I haven't done this in a while. Does this feel better? 'WATCH THE PRINCESS BRIDE 11 TIMES IN A ROW'… Oh, depression. This is the best day you've ever had."
      Chelsea Peretti: "Depression: I just heard the faucet drip and was like 'I know'."
    • By Ace
      Political correctness? Well, maybe it's just me. My currently non-medicated brain, or my insomnia WTF or even my very free/gypsy/rolling stone personality, I just not sure why political correctness sometimes just make me go "really?". Yeah, it can help in situations but sometimes it goes too far, to where you cant even voice a freedom of opinion without "offending the wrong person".
      But this thread isnt exactly about political anything. Instead, I dedicate this thread to the funny, sometimes offensive, shit people put out there. And it's not to piss people off, its just to make people say "WTF??" and laugh at the earth and the people in it.
      Here is some of what I found today on the internet...
      WARNING: some of these pictures, phrases and names WILL be offensive!






      source: http://www.businessadministration.org/blog/advertising-so-bad-it-s-funny-pics
      And in the past several days I was on the internet, and by FAR the most innapropriate name for a company would be a cmpany who sells doggie wheelchairs, and their catchphrase is "Life doesn't have to be a Drag for Handicapped Pets".
      And if you are ever feeling in a giddy mood, maybe perhaps youre as sleep deprived as I am, just check out Amazons Offensive list! You make em' we tag em!
    • By writehellarandomshiny
      The title I wanted - "This can only end badly: 15 seconds of fame" was too long. Drats. Rest assured that nothing bad has happened to me - knock on wood!

      So recently I've become a big fan of this new website someone on here introduced me too, You Suck At Craigslist. I've been a huge Craigslist fan for quite awhile (and a huge fan of humor) so this website was a big hit with me.

      Anyway, while stumbling across Craigslist I found this horribly spelled gem titled "Nanny Needed."

      Anyway, they approved it for use on You Suck At Craigslist, and it's live on the site now! The site owners even kept my commentary


      Also, they used my favorite tag for there: "This can only end badly."

      Totally made my week.

      Anyway, it's past my bedtime. I'm going to browse around here until I can try and sleep.
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