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I suspect that my 200mg of Lamictal is destabilizing me.  I’ve been on Lamictal for a total of 21 months now and for that entire time, I’ve been trying to medicate my agitation by adding lithium and most of the AAP medications assuming that it was unmanaged hypomanic symptoms.  As time has gone on, I’ve been increasingly suspicious that the agitation is actually my lamictal.  Not that there’s all bad though.  It did help a lot with depression over this time as I’ve only been depressed when it was med induced (risperdal, saphris, Depakote and Tegretol) so I hesitate to come completely off this med.

Does anyone have any experience with doses below 200mg?  I’m thinking I’d go as low as 100mg if I find the drop to 150mg improves the agitation.


edited to add:  I would remain on 1200mg lithium and 5mg Olanzapine.


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3 hours ago, saintalto said:

I am on 100mg of lamictal. I wouldn’t add or drop or edit any med without discussing it with your psychiatrist first. 

Absolutely.  I have an email in with my pdoc, but am scared that he’ll want me to continue on.  I mean yeah I’ve been the least depressed the past year and a half than I had been in 10 years, but I’m sure I can increase it back up if I find my mood slipping.  Just tired of all the restlessness, insomnia and anxious feelings.  I rarely am able to relax.

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I’m now at 300 mgs of LTG. I increased the dose very, very slowly, much more slowly than the recommended titration schedule. I was at 75 mgs for a long time. Until I got there I found it very activating, and it made me feel very irritable and sort of mentally itchy, if that makes sense. But that dose, and 100 and later 150 mgs, worked for me for a while. So I don’t think there’s any fundamental reason you couldn’t try a lower dose, if your doc says it’s ok.

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16 hours ago, saintalto said:

What else are you on for depression? I find that my wellbutrin does the most for my depression and the lamictal is sort of secondary to it. I’ve been on the same 100 mg dose of lamictal and the same 300mg dose of wellbutrin for 17 years.  

Nothing else for my depression.  To be honest, stopping AD’s did the most to help my depression by stopping the cycling so I’m hesitant to restart one.  Glad to see that some success can be maintained at lower doses.

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