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depersonalization derealization (Panic Attacks)

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Hi folks,

Hope everyone is as good as they can be considering whats going on the world right now..

How many People struggle with depersonalization/ derealization as part of there anxiety?? For me this is probably the "Symptom" i struggle with the most..My anxiety mainly takes the form of more mental symptoms rather than physical or more a case of i pay much more notice to the mental symptoms rather than the physical ones ..For me depersonalization panic attacks feel like i'm about to go into some alternate world and not come back...Its really hard to describe..When i feel it come on its as though i can feel all my senses become really hightened and then the feeling that i'm about to go into this Fear/panic fueled reality and not return to normal which then increases my anxiety and so on and so on..I remember first getting it about 18 years or so ago and it terrified me..Truely terrified me..Over the years i've had many bouts of it and i even get it when my anxiety is realitively mild..A general feeeling of detachment which can last all day where the acute attacks with panic tend to last more minutes  (but feel much longer) What i try to do in a acute attack is close my eyes and just let the sensations be.To try let them come and go...Its not easy i wont lie..Especially when my natural reaction is to run round my home like an absolute loon lol..When i first got it all them years back my reaction was to run...Like i was trying to escape this dream like bubble i was in and return to normal reality...Thats often how i've described it to professionals..Like been in some bubble that i cant escape...Or sometimes when i feel it coming on i get really angry and tell it to come on and do your worse..Which is ironically a part of CBT...I tell the anxiety to do its absolute worst..Almost like confronting a bully...Anyways i wont lie i don't have true mastery over it...Even after all these years because the bad attacks can feel just like my earlier ones from the past and any rational thought goes out the window and i'm left with just the feeling of terror...I suppose in some ways they have become easier to live with..I think when i start getting these acute attacks its my minds way of telling me somethings wrong..Like its getting really stressed out..Like warning signals my mental health is on the decline and needs attention....

So does anyone relate?? Whats some of your own personal tips to living with them and how do u deal with the acute attacks....Cheers 

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