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Daily Goals and Achievements

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I thought I would start a thread where you post some goals for the day and then post again later reporting what you got done. It’s sort of a way to keep us accountable during isolation. 


Here’s my goals for today:

1. Run 7 miles.

2. Get a Russian lesson in, even if it’s short.

3. Take the dog for a walk/brush the dog’s teeth

4. Take a shower after running/brush my teeth (hygiene is difficult for me)


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This is retroactive, sorry, but I’m only seeing it now.

I went to the grocery store, which took an hour, and I got light-headed from forgetting to eat or drink anything up til then today and because it turns out to be really hard to breathe in a N95 mask. Then when I got home it took even longer to process all the groceries so that they were clean enough to put away. Now I’m exhausted and lying down.


1) bake cookies

2) mop

3) attend virtual cocktail hour with friends and people I don’t know, which makes me anxious

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i also had a shower today! i'm notoriously bad at showering regularly, even when i'm feeling okay. i even cut my nails, which i had been procrastinating on for oh, weeks. i also cleaned my disgusting bathroom that i was complaining about in another thread. 


1. sweep, dust and tidy art room (should i break that into three goals?)

2. go for a walk

3. laundry would be a good idea i washed it and hung it out to dry, but not everything's dry yet. guess that's on for tomorrow.

what cookies are you making, gear?

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@echolocation Showering, brushing/flossing my teeth, and not wearing the same outfit three days in a row are hard to keep up with. I find it helps if I exercise because I can incorporate it into that routine as something I do immediately after. I have been showering more regularly this way.

Today’s list

1. running 

2. Shower/brush teeth/FLOSS TEETH

3.  Walk dog/brush dog’s teeth 

done this morning and I loved watching the geese at the park today. Margot tried to chase them. It’s a lovely day too. It smelled so good out in the fresh morning air and all the spring flowers. I need to remember how enjoyable a morning walk really is.

4. Study Russian

5. Do one lesson from my drawing book

6. Dishes/Tidy house a bit

7. Trauma group at 7pm 

I think that’s enough  



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3 minutes ago, saintalto said:


3.  Walk dog/brush dog’s teeth   

I’m so impressed. I’ve tried this with our various dogs and it’s like a death match. Dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed. Nosiree, they do not. They also don’t like wearing boots.

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@Gearhead I started brushing her teeth from when she was a tiny puppy to acclimate her to it. Now she jumps on my lap for it. She loves the taste of the chicken toothpaste I use. I brush one side of her mouth, treat her with some paste and let her lick the brush, then I do the other side. Then I treat her again. 

I initially decided to do it because the vet told me dachshunds have notoriously bad teeth and she only eats wet food which is not exactly great for teeth either. 

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Today: make 3 no-sew masks, brush teeth before bed, get lunch ready for tomorrow, get new phone charging cable

Tomorrow- Non Work: bring giant-ass soup bowl back to Auds. deposit pet sitting $$ into savings acct. do something to support local businesses

Tomorrow- Work: finish labelling ADA reagent kit boxes and reagent cartridges,  finish paperwork for CysC-C kits,  start paperwork for 1,5-AG kits,  help with APO-A/B calibrator value assignments (if needed)

Wednesday- Non Work: cook Kabocha squash, get beef ribs (if possible) to make for Easter Dinner, 

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@saintalto I work for a lab that manufactures diagnostic laboratory reagents, kits, and analyzers. We also are manufacturing CoVID-19 testing kits and reagents.

Making a dent in the ADA order. Got pulled away from that to file PCT and CoVID-19 paperwork. 

Gonna go to my friend's house to give the bowl back over my lunch break 

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I didn’t get a whole lot done yesterday but here goes for today 4/8/20.....

1. Listen to audiobook 

2. Crochet on the 2nd doily for my parents

3. Shower (badly needed)

4. Run an errand and drive alone myself (nervous to drive, haven’t for over a week)

5. Dust

6. Second laundry load

7. Take all meds and PRN on time


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  1. Pdoc phone appointment
  2. Take morning meds
  3. Read emails from advisor that I've been avoiding for a week
  4. Meditate
  5. Talk to friend on phone
  6. Eat healthy things - in progress
  7. Shower
  8. Do dishes - in progress
  9. Load of laundry
  10. Hour of work
  11. Write an email to Mom
  12. Send out obituary to siblings
  13. Walk the dog
  14. Sanitize surfaces
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