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SSRI - time to reach blood stream ?

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I was wondering how much time it takes for a SSRI like lexapro(escitalopram) 10mg to reach bloodstream if taken orally ?

I cant tolerate above 10mg.

So lets say if its half life is 24 hours, then if i take 10mg at bedtime(9pm) then it will be 7.5mg by 9 am next day. So 2.5mg is wasted. So i thought i should take 10mg in morning so the day will start with 10mg of med in my bloodstream instead of 7.5mg in my bloodstream.

Im still confused if i should take lexapro in morning or bedtime, I want maximum lexapro effectiveness when i am awake so taking at bedtime doesnt make sense right ? Cuz by the time i wake up, some amount of lexapro in my blood will be reduced to some extent. I just want that when i wake up my bloodstream of lexapro should start from 10mg.

Another question i have - Is eating meals after taking meds will slow its absorption or will it reduce its absorption. My pdoc told me to take meds after meals but sometimes i eat meals after taking meds. Is that ok ?

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