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The drugs, they say, are made in California

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I'm bipolar type X. NOS-ish but sort of 1.5 -- higher hypomanias and little depression, but also (in the ever-more distant past) mixed states.

I've been taking nightly medications for over a decade now. Lamictal + Lithium + small dose Klonopin. These are usually enough to put me out (also because I'm usually tired at night). But when they don't I get in a state of "drunkness" that's somewhat disconcerting. Makes me talkative and impulsive. I once told my (decade-plus) wife I had a half crush on a coworker. Another time I shot off an email to said coworker to the tune of "just because I have a crush on you doesn't give you the right to half-ass your work and drop it on me". God only knows how I haven't been both dumped by wife and fired for harassment at work.

Wife is now asleep and she's been having issues with too-light sleep so I'm making my best to not make noises that will wake her up but also deal with this volcano of directionless aimless impulsiveness and heightened feeling. I can't go and write a screenplay, my cognition is impaired. Can't go to sleep either, my head's on fire.


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My husband and I have had crushes on other people before. We tell each other what’s going on when it happens. It’s better than hiding it and it’s a relief to be able to talk it through with someone until it passes. We’ve been married 14 years pretty peaceably. Crushes just happen. 

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Maybe I'm misinterpreting your post, but I think you're asking if the talkative/impulsivity and feeling of restlessness could be medication side effects? Behavioral disinhibition has definitely been linked with benzodiazepines like Klonopin, and less frequently with Lamictal. Akathisia, or the restlessness you mentioned, can also be a less common side effect of Lamictal and other meds-  https://link.springer.com/article/10.2165/00023210-199809010-00005.  Although you've been taking them a long time, I've unfortunately learned that any drug can turn on you at any time. : (   See what your pdoc says; sometimes those effects can be mitigated with a simple dosage adjustment.

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I've taken all of those at the same time as well.

In my experience, Klonopin has had that kind of effect on me in the past, particularly when combined with alcohol (oops - definitely don't do that), but that's not a requirement. Even a small amount of Klonopin can do this. Hasn't happened in years though, who knows why.

If you're taking the Klonopin for sleep, perhaps you could try something else. Personally, I've found taking 0.5 or 1mg of melatonin around sunset is a good way to get myself to sleep by 9 or 10. If that's a bit early, I'll just take it a couple hours later.

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  • 2 months later...

It's been a long time since I made this thread. I think I only come to the board when I'm spinning too fast and already flooded Twitter and Hacker News and all that.

I don't take the Klonopin for sleep, I take it as a "marginal adjustment" (so I can increase it a bit if I'm spinning too fast or decrease/stop it if I'm going low). It sounds crazy, but I'm on big-people meds too, and I've seriously curbed depressive turns by reducing my Klonopin a .25mg and vice-versa. I've also gone long periods without. This isn't exactly standard on-label but it's not unheard of either. I'm not saying I'm Superman but I have pretty good insight. My wife also helps noticing early signs (talkative, hypersexual, stopped wearing socks...)

I usually take my meds when I'm about to fall asleep. The meds don't make me sleepy. But if I take the meds and I'm unexpectedly insomniac, the behavioral disinhibition stuff in the Klonopin hits. 

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12 hours ago, xheimlich said:

My wife also helps noticing early signs (talkative, hypersexual, stopped wearing socks...)

I love keeping track of people’s mania symptoms and that the best one I’ve heard in quite a while.

Regarding your initial commentary on klonopin putting you into a disconcerting drunken state, I can’t take any benzos at at because they make me black out, which is horrifying, so I hear you.

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    • By mikl_pls
      I am going to speak to my pdoc about this, but I think I have binge eating disorder. I have gained an unspeakable amount of weight just in the past month, and am about to break my all time high in weight. These binges seem to come in "spells" or "episodes" that last for several months unless I'm dieting, and it's incredibly frustrating. Last year, I lost 40 lb and nearly got to my target weight, and I suddenly started binge eating when I had a change in medication. Right now, I'm not on any medication that would induce weight gain or increase appetite all that much or at all really, that I know of.
      I've been researching binge eating disorder (BED) medications, and this is what I've come up with. Please let me know if there's anything else I could add to this list. I plan on asking my pdoc about all of them and possibly adding them to my (already extensive) list of meds.
      I'm on Parnate, so I can't take SSRI's or SNRI's, but I'm on the TCA desipramine (Norpramin), which has been studied in binge eating disorder in dosages up to 300 mg. With the combo of my MAOI, I won't be able to go up that high, my current dose of 150 mg is probably as high as I will be able to go.
      Anti-obesity medications
      With my MAOI, the only one I think I can take is Orlistat, which I've heard has a lot of GI side effects (unless you eat a low fat diet, which tend not to work for me. I tend to respond better to low carb, high protein, high fat diets). In the past I've taken phentermine, which has worked fantastically, as well as diethylpropion, but because of my MAOI and Adderall, I don't think I can take those.
      Antiepileptic drugs
      Topamax — Studied in doses from 50-600 mg. I've taken this before up to 200 mg and it really didn't have an effect on my appetite. I can't take it though because both times I took it, it gave me kidney stones really bad. Zonegran — Studied in doses from 100-600 mg. I currently take this at 300 mg, and I don't really notice it affecting my appetite. I'd like to try higher doses of it, but my pdoc simply won't raise the dose of it for some reason. Lamictal — Studied in doses from 50-400 mg. I'm already on 300 mg. "Because lamotrigine and placebo had similarly high rates of reduction of weekly frequency of binge-eating episodes, the efficacy of lamotrigine in BED could not be determined. However, lamotrigine was associated with a numerically greater amount of weight loss (1.17 kg for lamotrigine versus 0.15 kg for placebo) and statistically significant reductions in fasting levels of glucose, insulin, and triglycerides, consistent with the finding that lamotrigine is associated with weight loss in healthy patients with obesity." ADHD drugs
      Strattera — Studied in doses of 40-120 mg. I'm not sure if I could take this with my MAOI, but then again, it's a selective NRI, which is pretty much what desipramine is, so perhaps I could trade out desipramine for Strattera? The ending mean dose was 106 ± 21 mg/day. I'm not sure I could go that high with Parnate. Vyvanse — I know this is approved for BED, but I'm already taking Adderall, which I prefer to Vyvanse. Antiaddiction drugs
      Opioid antagonists — naltrexone — studied in doses of 200-400 mg/day — this one shows a lot of promise. I'm definitely going to ask about this one. Acamprosate — Mean endpoint dose was 2597 ± 605 mg/day, which is pretty high to my understanding. "Acamprosate was not associated with a significantly greater decrease in binge eating frequency or any other outcome measure in the primary longitudinal analysis. However, in the secondary endpoint analysis, acamprosate was associated with statistically significant improvement in binge day frequency and in measures of obsessive-compulsive symptoms of binge-eating, food craving, and quality of life. BMI decreased slightly with acamprosate and increased with placebo; among completers, BMI decreased significantly with acamprosate than placebo recipients. Other agents
      Memantine (Namenda) — studied in dosages up to 20-30 mg/day, but I'm sure my insurance has a quantity limit of 20 mg/day. Sodium oxybate (Xyrem) — there's practically no chance of my pdoc prescribing this to me... Baclofen — One study used 60 mg, in which two of the subjects gained weight but had reduced binge-eating frequency, while another study used 120-180 mg. Am I missing anything? If so, please comment.
    • By SickMindedSoul
      I know what the papers say but I want to know if this medication really works from people who are on Brintellix or who have taken Brintellix? When is the best time to take Brentillix? AM or PM?
    • By Roshambo
      I never know if I feel normal, or if I even remember what normal feels like, or happiness even. When I was 12 years old, I was happy. I got bullied, I was fat, lazy, but I was happy. I had motivation and emotions. But I remember stumbling upon a bottle of xanax on top of my fridge, looking at it for weeks, contemplating taking one. I eventually took 1, and I remember feeling like everything was alright, none of my problems mattered. It started as a once a week thing. And then an every day thing. And then, I found a bottle of adderall, when I was 13 I think. Xanax and adderall, my life was perfect. I knew I had ADHD, because I learned about it when I was 10 or 11 and I knew I had it. Eventually my dad found out I was stealing his pills, my parents stopped trusting me, and shit went down. I turned to DXM, coricidin, triple Cs. I spent my entire 8th grade year tripping on DXM, and at this point I was being treated like a labrat being put on antipsychotics, SSRIs, etc. and I know for a fact I mixed prozac and DXM a few times. My band broke up, I lost all but one of my friends, and I was either high or in a chemical lobotoby all the time.
      I never finished my freshmen year of high school, because I went in and out of treatment bullshit clinics, abusing the cotton from benzedrex inhalers (feels exactly like meth, but with more side effects). Ended up repeating the grade.
      Sometime when I was 15 or 16, I ended up losing that one friend I had because he got me addicted to morphine and I got him addicted to klonopin, long and confusing story.
      Dropped out of highschool when I was 16, have been mostly complient with psych meds for the past 4 years, minus a series of hospitalizations, but after that, I'm still almost completely complient.
      But I just don't feel right. Sometimes I take a break from all meds, for a week, to see if I'll ever feel normal, but I just feel either doped out, stupid, tired, wired, or brain damaged.
      Is there hope for me, to feel normal (I've been anhedonic and schizoid for years) if I just take my meds (focalin, neuroprotective) , (clonidine, cardioprotective), and lexapro (SSRIs possibly deplete receptors but they eventually grow back, or not, I don't know.).
    • By Roshambo
      Personal log #1
      8/9-8/10 binged on PPX and focalin, klonopin and other shit.

      Was gonna go to punk show at someone's house with a pseudofriend, and planned on doing DXM. Checked blood pressure, too high, nope nope nope. So I'm staying home. Out of focalin, seeing psych doc tomorrow. I have an old bottle of lamictal. Focalin is the only shit I take regularly, excluding seroquel because that shit sucks, I only take it to sleep because I don't have a benzo script.

      Gonna take a 100mg lamictal now for the hell of it to see if it stops the obsessive thoughts in my head about wanting weed all the time but having no contacts. Also took magnesium (NMDA antagonist to calm bennies/PPX/focalin/PEA/stims withdrawal and cravings), kava kava, and a bullshit as seen on tv proprietary blend of the usual valerian, melatonin, 5-htp, etc etc.) I've been taking topamax 100mg (also not mine) sporadically for sleep and mood because it works better than anything I have now. I don't give a shit if its proven that it doesn't work as a mood stabilizer, it works for me so thats whatever. But it makes my feet and hands numb and it's pretty annoying.

      4:51 PM: ingests 50mg lamotrigine. will report on effects later.
      5:06 PM: fuck this. another 50mg of lamictal, and a beer.
      5:40 PM: I hope I get Stevens-johnsons. Fuck everything.
      6:01 PM: Took 100mg of wellbutrin that isn't mine (I have that shit but It's XL and SR), the shit I just took is instant release. My neck hurts and I feel like shit. Everything itches. PPX/Meth/stimulant afteraffects probably.
    • By ihaveissues
      I am new to this board, I find them on web searches all the time but have yet to actually join in and participate.  I am diagnosed bipolar, major depressive, with a little adhd thrown in for good measure.  I have been taking medications for these various ailments for about 15 years.  It finally came to the point where I was unable to work anymore. I became unable to deal with rude, abprupt and just downright mean people.  And I am a people person! lol
      I have been using an outpatient place not far from my home.  They have had me on a merryground of meds.  REcently, I was prescribed a new medication, took it for a month, picked up the new new refill and noticed I was still feeling weepy.  I brought this up via phone and when called back was told to either discontinue the med, our doublle it.  I decided to double it, which seemed to work.  Then, I was running out of prescript, my pharmacy faxed in a request to them, and heard nothing back.  I was told by the office that I had to refill for a few weeks.  I told them it had been recommended by the doc that I increase it, therefore I need a refill sooner.  there started one of the most miserable weeks of my life! I have called, left messages, even checked with my md to see if anything can be done. this morning they told me that the PRN that prescribes it is seeing patients, then will write my prescription, I am suppsed to call if i hear nothing by 4pm.  Does anyone ever feel that there is no patient support when it comes to mental health?  I am a 45 y/o women with a husband and kids.  I want to be a productive citizen and not have breakdowns, brainzaps and dizziness because they dropped the ball.  Very scary past week for my family and me.
      Anyone else experience anything similar to this?
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