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Racing thoughts in the morning

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Good Morning Folks, Its 9am here in the Uk and i hope everyone is as good as they can be right now,

I dont know if this is the right forum for this but seems as i'm diagnosed with OCD/OCPD i'll post..

For as many years as i can remember i always wake up with a really busy mind...It dont matter how tired i feel, my mind is its most active in the morning..I always wake up with a song in my head plus theres always brain chatter going on...Its almost become  habitual for me to have long winded conversations with myself in the morning...I've always put it down to having a really active mind and i think spending so much time on the computer dont help...I'm constantly researching different things online and will have multiple things on the go at the same time..For example i'll have a youtube video playing whilst at the same time browse facebook/read and research various things...I find it hard to concentrate purely on one thing..Its a bit like organised kaos...

Is anyone else like this?? Does anyone else have a really busy mind in the morning?? Or earworms as soon as they wake up..

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