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I have coronavirus - any other sufferers?

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I don't know if this is the right place for this or not, but I'm sorry to say I have coronavirus. Are there any fellow sufferers out there? I'm on day 10, and I'm lucky to say I have really mild respiratory symptoms, but I am still having fever, aches, etc. I had bad chills for the first week or so, but today I didn't, so maybe I'm on the mend. The two nurses that call me every day, one from my doctor's office, and one from the county health department, have said it's possible I'm getting better, but they have both cautioned me that I could still take a turn for the worse. I think I'm sleeping more every day now than the average house cat. I live alone so quarantine isn't too bad, and since I've been in a bad depressive episode for a long time, being on my own all the time seems perfectly normal.

I hope everyone stays well.

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Thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes, I appreciate it. I felt better yesterday, but today isn't great. Now that I've been up for two hours, I'm ready to go back to bed. As long as I can keep it out of my lungs, I should be okay and eventually get all the way better. 

The worst part for me is that my outpatient ECT has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. I'm definitely better, and I feel like I'm so close to actually being well for the first time in years that it's killing me to no longer have that available. There are lots more details in my topic in the ECT forum if you're interested. The topic title is "My ECT Diary - First Treatment on February 3, 2020". The bit about coronavirus is in the last few posts on page 3.

I hope everyone stays well and safe - trust me when I say that even a mild case of coronavirus is a lot to deal with.


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I thought I saw a thread that said you survived, I am very glad if this is the case / I hope it is the case! I have been reading your ECT diary and have found it very useful, thank you so much for writing and sharing your experience. I am so sorry that your treatment has been interrupted and I hope there is a way for it to continue in the not too distant, if you want that.

I currently seem to be a presumed case. Today was day 1 of being quarantined in my room, obeying instructions of my doctor, as I live with 2 other humans. I just feel lucky I don't share a room with anyone; I can't even imagine what people living in hostels and shelters and just with literal roommates are doing right now.

I can breathe, which is always cool. It's a bit restricted and I get winded easily. Mainly the thing is, I am just so. unbelievably. tired. I had to get off the phone with a friend earlier today because I couldn't physically hold the cellphone anymore. For context, a week and a half ago I was doing a work-in run by a pro football player. I'm not in the best shape of my life, but except for some weird physical health stuff , like general fitness-wise, I have it pretty good compared to a lot of people. Meanwhile, today, brushing my teeth was a physical challenge that felt comparable to a heavy biceps session.

I'm keeping a log of the following:

- temperature at least once a day, should probably be multiple time points and measured at the same time

- heart rate / beats per minute

- I have ordered an oximeter and if it ever gets here I will be measuring blood oxygen levels.

The reason I am measuring these things is because of the following:


The original article is off the New York Times and is behind a paywall (which I'm horrified by; I think COVID-19 info should be freely available) so apologies that this isn't the original link. The "hotshot doctor" described is Richard Levitan, a physician with 30 years of experience in emergency medicine, who invented an imaging system for teaching intubation, the procedure of inserting breathing tubes, and who wrote the original (paywalled) NYT article.

Anywhooo, my hope is that, based on what the article describes, if I measure my heart rate and my blood oxygen I should have a pretty good idea of if I'm in trouble before I get physical symptoms that would indicate such. Since I don't have a heart monitor at home, I have opted for one on my phone. Doesn't have to be accurate, just consistent - ie, I just have to know if I go up or down and by how much. If the oximeter comes in the mail, that'll be more accurate and tell me about oxygen. I've read that there are oximeter phone apps but my phone is ancient and doesn't seem to be able to handle any of them.

I'm doing okay so far, although as a plural person with a lot of trauma I'm a bit worried about not being able to physically touch my partner, which is a big coping strategy for me. Mostly I'm just beat. Whatever I've got is making me tired, plus I'm coming off two weeks of first hellAcious PMDD, and then accidental iron poisoning. (who does that even happen to who is not 3 years old.) When I called the doctor feeling crappy, it was actually because I was worried about liver failure from the iron thing. And then they were like, you get to stay in your room! And I was like, dang.

Thanks for listening.


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Catnapper thanks very much for that link. Really glad you survived! Everyone thank you for well wishes it means a lot. I think I'm going to be fine honestly, the biggest thing I am dealing with is massive tiredness, I know others have it much worse. I'm just trying to take care of myself.

Healthy wishes for everyone

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@Spiny  I ordered a combo bp/oximeter.  I ordered from Amazon about a month ago,  it should be here by Mon.  

my dr ordered the covid antibody test for me. I had a cold that turned into a sinus infection in March that she thinks may have been coronavirus.  But, it does not mean you are immune or that you can’t spread it, just that you were infected and made antibodies. I am having the blood test on mon.  

get well soon

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Hi confused glad you were able to order one and that it is coming soon! I hope you get some answers at least from the blood test. It sounds like you are at least feeling less sick now? I hope so. Thank you for well wishes. I'm in my room with my notebooks and guitar so I'm pretty good as far as sick goes. :)

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