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pregnancy and SSRI ans benzos

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I plan to get pregnant even thought I got dp/dr. I would like to live my life anyways. But... I tried to stop klonopin and zopiclone, because it seems there are some risks to e pregnant with it. But... when I try dp/dr come bak hard, so is depression.

Only thing that helped too was Paxil, but it seems unsafe too. I took Zoloft took, didn't help dp/dr, buyt helped depression.

Can someone gide me? My pdoc doesn't know well.

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Heya dpmom,

(and in fact all the rest of us wacko chickies of childbearing age)

I guess you've thought out all the other aspects of pregnancy, not just the meds issue, right? ;)

And, I don't know for sure re. specific meds in pregnancy.

Nobody does, I think.

As you can see from lots of our other pregnancy threads around here!!

But it's also not safe for you or your baby if you *totally lose it* during pregnancy.

Talk to Motherisk at Sick Kids.  Or get your doc to talk to them.  They have a website you can look at and so can your docs:


They have a website:

http://www.motherisk.org (*not* motherisk.com, I don't know what that one's supposed to be but it doesn't look helpful). 

They also have a couple of phone numbers, so you/your docs can talk to a staff member directly.

They have a research program and are pretty up-to-date about drugs, herbs and pregnancy.  Of course, nobody has all the answers but they can help you and your docs with your own specific risk-benefit analysis.

Basically it's about figuring out the good and bad things about the meds and about the disease you have.  And deciding which risk is lower for *you* and *your baby:*  Being sick or taking medication.

If you decide to get pregnant, with or without meds:

A consultation with a high-risk OB might be a good idea even before you get pregnant.  Might take some traveling, I don't know where in Canada you are.  But in TO at least, Mount Sinai Hospital has a Special Pregnancy Program for women with medical problems/illnesses/medications:


Here's the referral form your doc can fill out:


I'm sure other specialized OB hospitals in Canada (and in other countries too) have similar programs.

Others around here likely have some research they've done, so I think you'll get more useful replies :)   but it's a start anyway.

(Wow, I can tell I'm feeling better b/c here I am with useful links for once!!)


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