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Covid-19 antibody test

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My cousin is a nurse. She just had the antibody test through Quest. They tested the staff at her work.

I would like to know if I have the antibodies, if it means you are immune.  I can't find any info on the test.

I was sick last month with a cold and a sinus infection, but aside from that I have been fine. I just go to work and home and am only out for essentials rarely.  I have not been around anyone that tested positive.

I have a portal I can send messages to my dr and i asked if I would qualify for the test.  I don't know if she can just order it or if I need to have a reason.

Does anyone know anything about the test. Can they tell if you are no longer contagious if you test positive for antibodies and if you are immune.

I know the basics of immunology but this I need more info.

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I'm involved in the manufacturing process of the antibody tests, but take what you read with a grain of salt as the research is changing daily. 

I've read a lot of information out there, and it seems like there is a possibility that having antibodies to COVID-19 does NOT make you immune to it. It may behave like Mono or shingles where you can get re-infected with the virus after developing antibodies (the virus goes dormant and then reactivates if the body is stressed). It may also behave like the flu (where you get a vaccine against 3 or 4 strains of the flu, but you might get a different strain that they didn't make a vaccine for).

There are two types of antibody test- one that can tell if you have an active COVID-19 infection (Ig-M antibody testing), and another that will tell you if you've been exposed to COVID-19 but have recovered or were asymptomatic (never showed symptoms) and recovered (Ig-G antibody testing)

Based on the info you've given in the post, it sounds like there isn't much of a reason to test you for either kind of antibody- unless you work in an essential business and someone in your workplace has come down with COVID-19 infection. I could see the need for a test being a possibility if you fall in the category of showing COVID-19 symptoms and having a preexisting condition, or a possible exposure through your workplace

http://www.diazyme.com/covid-19-antibody-tests  has a great chart on interpreting results for the Ig-M antibody test, Ig-G antibody test, and the RT-qPCR test with clinical signifcance

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