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I'm happy to say I've survived coronavirus! I dodged a bullet as I am high risk due to my age (60), being morbidly obese, and having exercise-induced asthma, so if I had developed respiratory symptoms, this story probably would have had a different ending. The illness lasted two weeks, and although I haven't had any symptoms or fever since Monday, April 20, I'm still sleeping more than the average house cat.

I had fever and chills starting on Monday, April 6, and Tuesday night I started having chest pains so called my doctor's after-hours number. He didn't think I was having a heart attack based on my description, but he wanted me to go the next day and be tested for the flu, and possibly coronavirus. The flu test only took a few minutes and was negative, so they did a coronavirus test, and on Friday, April 10, they called me to tell me I was positive, and to stay home. I called everyone I had been in contact with, and I'm glad to say as of this writing, they are all fine. It's terrible to think I was infecting people before I knew I was sick.

It was like a bad flu; it wasn't the sickest I've ever been, but it lasted a long time. I had fever, bad chills, bad body aches, headaches, GI issues, and occasional chest pain. Towards the end I got these strange and intense coughing fits that came on suddenly, lasted about 15 minutes, and then went away. I was having a couple of those every day, and throughout the whole time my chest felt really tight if I took a deep breath, but it's all over now. The chest tightness was the scariest to me as I was worried it was the harbinger of more severe respiratory issues.

A  nurse from the county health department and a nurse from my doctor's office called me every day to check on me and find out my temperature and hear of any symptoms I was having. I thought I had kicked it a week ago, but then that night the symptoms all came back, and it took until Monday of this week (it's Thursday) till I was fever and symptom free. 

I'm glad it's behind me, and I hope no one else catches it. I contacted the local university medical school today to see if I can donate some plasma, now that mine is presumably filled with antibodies. Other than that I'm just resting and trying to get my strength back.

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late to the party but no less happy for you ✴️✴️✴️

I always get colds in winter and I have IBS so i often have GI stuff so I am really worried that when* i get it it will be a while before I realize it's something new and i have to get tested :(  but yeah I am being super cautious just in case i do have it and don't know 

*i say when because my job puts me in contact with a lot of people

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