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Have you had maintenance / continuation ECT after your index series?

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What has your experience been with maintenance / continuation after your initial index ECT treatments? I've had a successful index series, and I'm terrified of relapse. Outpatient ECT is currently closed at the hospital I go to due to coronavirus. I just finished my index series (maybe one short, but pretty close) before they had to close down, but the pdoc had previously talked about tapering down the dose until I was at once a month. 

If you've had maintenance ECT, how did they decide how often the treatments should be done? How far down did your mood have to go before your pdoc decided it was time to start again? Did you have to do another full index series, or could you be put on a regular weekly / monthly schedule without doing a second index series?

If it was solely my decision I would start and continue indefinitely with a fairly aggressive maintenance schedule, partly because I don't want to suffer through going down into another depressive episode, and partly because I will lose my job if I have to take off enough time to do a full index series. Part-time in my industry isn't feasible, so missing two days or even one day a week won't fly. I think I could get away with a half-day off once a month, and the pdoc said I could have a fairly late afternoon appointment, so a monthly maintenance schedule could work for me.

To complicate things further, I actually had coronavirus, so there are some other hurdles I will have to clear before they will be willing to treat me, and I don't blame them a bit. It's a difficult illness.

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