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Sudden Rapid Cycling

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I am having a really sudden change in the frequency of my mood changes.  I already had a mania that turned psychotic and then depressed this spring, which is unfortunately something that happens with some frequency in spring.  However, then I started to get hypomanic for a couple weeks, but didn't realize it, after several weeks of depression.  I feel like shit again now, but electrified shit.  I think I need to call my doctor about this swinging back and forth, and get more mood stabilizer or something because this is ridiculous.  What makes intense cycling happen suddenly?  I've never been a rapid cycler.  

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Sorry to hear you're going through this.

I'm no expert, but I have two thoughts:

  1. Stress can cause this, I think. I've been finding my mood swinging around too, though not as severely.
  2. "Electrified shit" sounds like it could be a mixed episode.
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